Touching the Eternal - India Retreat (Video Download)

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Length : 16 hours 58 minutes 30 seconds

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Before there was darkness or light or the universe itself, there was stillness. Beyond time, space, and form—beyond birth and death—it continues. And this is who you are in your most essential nature. With Touching the Eternal, join Eckhart Tolle on retreat in India to rediscover the universal destination charted by the world’s wisdom traditions: the possibility of awakening to the truths that transcend words.

Reminding us not to “mistake the map for the territory,” Eckhart shares his hallmark pointers to presence as he discusses:

• Moving beyond conventional ideas of time and the self

• Practicing inner observation to work with egoic resistance

• The connection between surrender and compulsive thinking

• Stillness as the foundation of the phenomenal world

• Overcoming our addiction to suffering

• Liberating insights on death and dying

“The eternal stillness that preceded the Big Bang exists within you—it’s never gone away,” explains Eckhart. “Our task is to move from an absurdly limited sense of self into the spaciousness of the eternal Self.” Touching the Eternal is a life-changing program to help you catch what Eckhart calls “the evolutionary impulse,” and realize the depths of freedom, wisdom, and peace that can be accessed within. 

Length:  16 hours, 32 minutes

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