Becoming a Teacher of Presence (Audio Download)

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Length : 5 hours 56 minutes

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Service Through Stillness: Eckhart Tolle’s Practical Insights for Healers
Eckhart Tolle tells us that every encounter we have with another human being offers the opportunity for profound connection and transformation. For those who’ve made it their life’s work to help others, this insight is especially powerful.
Today, many people in what Eckhart calls “the helping professions”—including therapists, counselors, and other caregivers—are eager to learn practical ways to incorporate his guidance into their work. Becoming a Teacher of Presence brings you an in-depth audio program on accessing the source of wisdom and healing beyond the thinking mind while in the service of others.
Being in the Company of Being
Who—or what—actually teaches? How do we know when we’re offering genuine guidance versus something based in ego? What practices can we use to stay rooted in Presence while listening to and speaking with clients? Join Eckhart Tolle for this four-session exploration of “being in the company of Being” as we work with others in a helping or healing capacity.
“It’s one thing to believe that every encounter with another human being is sacred, and another to know it directly while in a relationship,” teaches Eckhart. “That is love; that is what transforms the world.” Becoming a Teacher of Presence invites you to realize this sacred connection in the work you do with others.
Finding freedom from thought and living a life of Presence
The evolution of Eckhart’s teaching
Awakening through adversity
Why we’re always teaching (or not teaching) Presence
Working with physical challenges and managing pain
The fallacy of readiness to teach—and being comfortable “not knowing”
Guidance for working with individuals and in group settings
Guidance for working with individuals and in group settings
Six hours of teachings, practices, and Q&A with Eckhart Tolle
Length:  5 hours, 56 minutes