The Secret of Happiness (Video Download)

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When we resist the present moment, we close the door to happiness. But when we accept and align with what is, we gain access to the source of lasting peace and contentment. On The Secret of Happiness, Eckhart Tolle invites you to experience how your sense of joy and fulfillment radically changes through the awakening of consciousness and the realization of who you are beyond the content of your thoughts.

Eckhart begins by pointing out the dissatisfaction inherent in the life of “the little me”—or the thought-based sense of self for whom restlessness and anxiety rule the day. Our task, he explains, is to discover our “formless” identity—our essence beyond the personality and the relative concerns of a worldly life. In so doing, we can use whatever conditions that arise around us as openings into the joy, vitality, and fulfillment that naturally unfold when we embrace the Now. Join Eckhart as he discusses:

  • Cultivating unconditional friendship with the form this moment takes
  • The transformational power of surrender
  • Practical ways to bring in “space consciousness” for greater creativity and balance in the things you do


“If all there is in your life is ‘me,’ then suffering is inevitable,” teaches Eckhart. “The present moment is a portal out of this state, and into something much deeper than any concept of happiness.” Here is your opportunity to make this liberating shift, with The Secret of Happiness.

Length:  3 hours, 23 minutes

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